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Opportunities to Serve

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Project Goal

The aim of the Literacy in a Box Trust is: 'To advance education in schools, primarily but not exclusively, in Zambia and in sub-Saharan Africa ( SSA )'

Rotary Service Type

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This project aims to be a partnership between Rotary, its Districts and Clubs and their local communities, including commerce, the media, schools, churches and the general public.  In each community the Trust, through Rotary service, seeks to create an awareness of the poor conditions of schooling in Zambia and then generate an ongoing income stream to fund the provision of Literacy Boxes.

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Literacy in a Box is an ideal project that would allow International Service committees to support an overseas Literacy programme.  It also ideal as an International project for any Interact or Rotaract Club.  Of real significance is the role the Literacy Box project could play in helping schools understand an overseas culture, a basic curriculum requirement.  Com/Voc and New Generations committees could use the Literacy Box project to assist in this understanding and also as leverage for other Rotary projects that could have mutual benefit for schools and Rotary clubs eg Youth Speaks, Mock Interviews, Young musician and many more.

Service opportunities

The opportunities for service within the Trust are varied.  The Trustees are all Rotarians who work in their community and in partnership with business, educational establishments, the media, churches and the public, to create the awareness and income streams so vital for its core objective, the sending of educational supplies, in Literacy Boxes, to Zambian children.  All Rotarians have the opportunity to do the same, but the following are some of the avenues of service available to all volunteers.

  • As Rotarians, why not become the Literacy Box co-ordinator for your District / Club, as you plan the engagements with local commerce, schools, the media, churches and your community, in the process of creating awareness and developing income streams for the Trust.
  • In your locality, become a speaker and work with the Rotary co-ordinators to promote the work of the Literacy in a Box Trust.
  • Work with the Rotary co-ordinator and team of speakers, as a dedicated fund raiser, using your skills in organising events and functions, to create income for the Trust.
  • It is vital that information is provided from the Zambian communities to the Literacy in a Box Trust.  Why not become a Field Consultant and link directly with the co-ordinators of allied charities working in Zambia, to ensure that all Boxes sent, arrive intact and safely, contain supplies that have real relevance for the schools, their teachers and children and that continuity of supply is maintained, where schools have already received boxes.
  • Use your professional skills, whether administration, marketing , PR or IT to help develop and deliver the strategic plans of the Trust, as it looks to the longer term and considers the provision of books, bursaries and even school buildings, in addition to its core business, the Literacy Box.

A list of resources to assist your club efforts, is available for download (in PDF format).