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Joint charity mission helps children in Africa

Copyright Tavistock Times, Thursday, 23 May 2013

WEST Devon charity Operation Sunshine South West has helped Rotary Club charity Literacy in a Box send £12,000 worth of school supplies to Zambia.

With donations of more than £8,000 from Rotary Clubs throughout Devon and Cornwall, Roborough Rotary Club and Literacy in a Box have worked with Mfuwe Rotary Club in Zambia, Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust and Project Luangwa to secure grant funding from Rotary Districts 1290 and 1170 in Devon and Cornwall and The Rotary Foundation in Evanston, USA.

This funding has enabled them to send basic school materials worth more than £12,000 and Zambian curriculum textbooks worth more than £16,000 to new and refurbished classrooms at Mnkhanya Community School and Mfuwe Day Secondary School in Zambia.

The basic school materials were packed in 68 literacy boxes and formed part of a shipment of donated materials sent to Zambia by Tavistock-based Operation Sunshine South West, which has provided logistical support to Literacy in a Box since the charity was founded six years ago. Phil Chesters, trustee of Literacy in a Box, said: 'This has been a fantastic effort by the 23 Rotary clubs in Devon and Cornwall, who raised the money to make it all possible.

Anyone who saw the Comic Relief programme "Through Hell and High Water", which followed a group of Zambian children on their two hour walk to school will know how much these children are prepared to put into their education and how much it means to them'.

'This project will enable more than 1,000 children to have access to the basic school materials and textbooks that children in this country take for granted.'