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Matching Grant Appeal - update

Mfuwe secondary schools UMG 2012 (17.4K)

A big thank you our sponsor, Roborough Rotary Club for co-ordinating the application, to Mfuwe Rotary Club for being our overseas partner, to the 23 Clubs from Districts 1290 and 1170 who pledged £8,075, and to the Rotary Foundation for approving the matching grant which will provide £28,262 in total for the project.  This will enable the Trust to send 68 boxes and provide the equivalent value in curriculum text books for over 1,000 pupils in newly built and refurbished classrooms at Mfuwe Day School and Mnkhanya Community School.  At Mnkhanya Community School five teachers have been teaching 400 pupils in just 2 run down classrooms with very few desks and none of the basic educational materials that our boxes provide.